English and Spanish into French

I specialize in Business, IT, Digital, E-commerce, and Marketing & Advertising translation and localization.

“Your materials represent your company, that is why they deserve a top-notch translation!”


Would you like me to translate a written text from English/Spanish into French?

Translation consists in translating ideas expressed in writing from a language into another. In any case, your readers should not even be able to tell that it is a translation when reading it, because an excellent professional translator always translates meaning, not words.

For a precise quote, please send the original file to contact@emilecret.com

Translations are charged per source word, according to the language combination, degree of specialization, file format (there is a surcharge for non-editable formats such as PDF) and deadline.  

              EDITING               PROOFREADING 

Do you need your texts to be revised to ensure they sound fully native in French, are well-written and error-free?

Make sure your texts and translations are 100% correct:

With the expert eye of a French-native speaker and language specialist, your message will be transmitted flawlessly.

I will correct any mistranslations, omissions/additions, as well as any language errors. I will make sure that your content is exempt from spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation errors, typos and other unintended mistakes. I will check that the style is appropriate to the context, and that the correct terminology has been used. 


Do you need to make sure your brand message and content are culturally adapted to the French market? 

Localization transmits your message in a way that is culturally appropriate and connects with the target audience more effectively. Example: In The Simpsons, localized for the Muslim world, Homer drinks soda – not beer and eats lamb or beef – never pork. You feel it?

Transcreation goes one step further: it is a blend of translation and creative writing, brilliantly illustrated by the equation “language + culture + emotions”. It is the creative adaptation of your advertising and marketing message so it appeals to your target market, but still keeps the spirit, style and emotion of your original copy.


I provide high-quality translations of corporate documentation, communications and materials in multiples industries.

Examples of these types of content include:

Conference presentations, Company Brochures, Internal corporate communications, Employee handbooks & HR forms, Training and eLearning course materials, Flyers, Manuals, Marketing communications, Websites, Newsletters, Reports, Posters, PowerPoint presentations, Speeches, Subtitling, White papers, Articles, Catalogs, Surveys, etc.



Ecommerce represents one of the biggest global opportunities for companies to grow themselves into successful international brands. Localization and transcreation go further than traditional translation: I adapt your content to fit the cultural values and expectations of the French market, to provide a better user experience, increase lead generation and eventually help you grow your sales.

Examples of these types of content include: 

Websites, E-commerce, Mobile apps, Social media, Blogs, Webzines, Newsletters, Promotional offers, Ads, Banners, Displays, etc.



Intercultural communication is at the core of what I do, day in and day out. My experience can therefore provide you with a strategic solution to overcome language and cultural barriers to reach your target audience and successfully grow your business abroad. Make sure your company slogan hasn’t been ‘lost in translation’!

Examples of these types of content include:

Websites and Apps, Social Media Ads, Banner Ads, Emailing campaigns, Direct mail, Point of sale displays, Promotional leaflets, Flyers, Presentations, Press releases, Product descriptions and packaging, Programmatic advertising content, Brochures, Newsletters, Ads, Slogans, Campaigns, Catalogs etc.

This is not an exhaustive list, if your material to be translated does not fit in any of these categories, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you need a different language pair or specialization, I may also be able to refer you to one of my trusted and competent colleagues.

My rates vary depending on the degree of specialization, the length and file format of the source document, as well as the job deadline. It always includes thorough proofreading of the final document by myself before delivery to ensure optimum quality. To get an accurate free quote, please email me at contact@emilecret.com


  • An excellent command of languages and a multicultural background
  • An international career
  • Clear and efficient communication
  • Reliable and personalized service
  • Professionalism and confidentiality
  • An added value to your company
  • A positive and dynamic approach!