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My purpose: Your success
"Hello, my name is Emi. I am a trained translator/copywriter with more than 10 years of professional experience. My native language is French and I am also fluent in English and Spanish. I have traveled, lived, and worked across all continents. These many and varied professional experiences not only allowed me to perfect my language skills but also to gain a solid understanding of cultures."

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Why collaborate ?

Expertise: Trust a specialized professional to ensure you receive the highest-quality service in your industry.

Communication: I communicate with you in a timely, efficient, and direct  manner and I deliver your message as faithfully as I can. 

Confidentiality: I make it a point of honor to ensure the highest level of confidentiality with respect to the documents you send to me.

Commitment: Each customer is unique; that’s why I provide a personalized service. I am a partner you can rely on 100%.

If you understand the value of professional work and are willing to invest to achieve the desired results, let’s get in touch to build an efficient partnership.

Client Reviews

"Emi is an efficient, resourceful and diligent translator who really takes care to ensure that the meaning of translation is preserved. She is excellent in communication, flexible with deadlines and content, and she does a considerable amount of research before beginning a project. Would recommend again and again."

Jack McNary
Account Supervisor at Straker Translations (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

"Emi is responsive, delivers high quality, and is communicative. She is a pleasure to work with and I'm happy to count with her on translation work."

Jonathan Paiz
Head of Production, North America at Straker Translations
"Emi is always very professional in her work and delivers excellent quality. We have been and are very happy working with her."
Annette Heidrich
Head of Service Delivery at Elanex (Sydney, Australia)

"Emi started collaborating with us recently on translation projects to French. Clients receiving her translations are very satisfied with her language capabilities. She is a true professional, punctual and pleasant to work with."

Tomedes Translation and Localization
Translation Management Team

"Emi is very responsive to emails, and completes every project on time! She is very friendly and easy to work with (and reliable too!)."

Zeke Williams
Translation Project Manager at Straker Translations (USA)