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Specialized in Environment and Ecology
My purpose: Your success
"Together, let’s work actively against climate change and environmental damage. I strive for a more united world in which we would act both locally and globally to preserve our planet and its people."

I am a nature-lover, an entrepreneur, a communicator, and a game-changer. As a translator and copywriter specialized in environment and ecology, I have in-depth knowledge of environmental technologies and policies worldwide. I understand the challenges which need to be addressed to reduce our ecological footprint and face the impacts we are observing today and the ones we will have to tackle tomorrow. My mission is to help companies and organizations communicate with the French-speaking audience, delivering a consistent, powerful, and clear message so they can achieve their objectives.

Why collaborate ?

Commitment: Entrust your translation and copywriting work to a linguist who is committed to your success! We share the same final goal: protect the environment and limit global warming and its effects. 

Expertise: Trust a specialized professional to ensure you get quality and accuracy in your field of activity. My ten years’ experience in communication and languages combined with my continuing vocational training in the environment sector help me to learn new skills and keep my knowledge up to date.

Peace of mind: Each customer is unique; that’s why I provide a personalized service that meets your requirements. I want to be a partner you can rely on 100%.

Direct contact: A timely, efficient, and direct communication with the person translating or writing your text, no middlemen. I get to know who you are and what you do to deliver your message as faithfully as possible. 

Consistency and confidentiality: Working with a single linguist will eventually not only ensure that you receive higher-quality and more consistent texts but also means more confidentiality.

If you understand the value of professional work and are willing to invest to achieve the desired results, we are very likely to build a great partnership.

"Emi is an efficient, resourceful and diligent translator who really takes care to ensure that the meaning of translation is preserved. She is excellent in communication, flexible with deadlines and content, and she does a considerable amount of research before beginning a project. Would recommend again and again."

Jack McNary
Account Supervisor at Straker Translations (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

"Emi is responsive, delivers high quality, and is communicative. She is a pleasure to work with and I'm happy to count with her on translation work."

Jonathan Paiz
Head of Production, North America at Straker Translations
"Emi is always very professional in her work and delivers excellent quality. We have been and are very happy working with her."
Annette Heidrich
Head of Service Delivery (Sydney, Australia)