How are my fees calculated?

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and receive a personalised quote.

My fees for English/Spanish to French translations are based on the following factors:

  • Word count – the number of words in your document
  • Repetitions – any repetition within and across documents (discounted)
  • Research – any extensive research that may be required for very complex subject matters
  • Formatting – any special formatting and/or DTP work that may be required

My translation capacity is around 3,000 words per day.

* The Value Added Tax is not applicable under the law art. 293 B of CGI. (French General Tax Code)

Payments terms and additional information

  1. I will issue a free, non-binding price quote in EUR for each project once I have received the documents to be translated/edited/proofread/transcribed, or the details about the copywriting project.
  2. I will start working on the project once the customer has signed and approved the quote in writing via email. Repeat customers do not have to sign every price quote but are kindly asked to accept the price quote via email.
  3. Pre-payment in full is requested for private clients, and new corporate clients/organizations when approving the quote.
  4. Very large projects may be subject to installments (usually by 20,000-word batch).
  5. I may extend credit (strictly 30 days), at my sole discretion, to registered businesses and organizations able to prove their “good payer” status. Any amount not paid within 30 calendar days of receipt of the invoice will be subject to a 15% increase.
  6. Cancellation of the order or editing of the source text (translation/editing/proofreading) or changes in project requirements (copywriting) after acceptance of the quote may incur additional charges. These are set forth and detailed in my General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  7. Payment can be made via Bank transfer (each party pays their own bank fees) or PayPal/Payoneer (fees to be paid by the payor).
  8. Any changes or corrections to a translation or a text must be submitted in writing (via email) directly to Emi Lecret no later than 14 calendar days after the customer has received the files. Failure to request changes before the 14 calendar days will be considered final acceptance of work.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all work is subject to my General Terms and Conditions of Sale, available in full here: General Terms and Conditions of Sale_Emi_Lecret_Nov1_2019